Sins of a Solar Empire
Aeria Drone Host

Advent Aeria Drone Host.jpg

Cost: Credits1280 Metal230 Crystal220
Build Time: 70 seconds.
Uses: 20 supply.
Hull: 1650
Repair: 1.5
Shields: 1170
Regeneration: 1
Max Mitigation: 60%
Antimatter: 600
Recharge: 0.6
Experience value: 120
Strike Craft: 3
Strong vs. none.
Powerful Psintegrat manipulate swarms of semi-autonomous drone strike craft deployed from this cruisers large hanger bay.
Shortcut: (Q)

The Aeria Drone Host is the Advent's Squadron Support Cruiser.

Official Description: The Aeria Drone Host is the Advent answer to the TEC's light carrier; the key difference being that its fighter/bomber squadrons are unmanned. Instead, multiple onboard psionic anima are integrated into the Aeria‘s systems, allowing multiple drone fighters/bombers to be piloted remotely using a highly sophisticated telepathic link. Anima members are among the most skilled psionics in the Unity, and their telekinetic skills are revered and feared even by those in higher castes.


As the Advent's carrier cruiser, the Drone Host differs somewhat from both the TEC and Vasari counterparts. It is larger and more expensive, but fields more squads (3 instead of 2). It has a significantly larger antimatter reserve than other carriers, which gives it a larger operational range before it becomes depleted. Another difference is that the Drone Host requires only two Temples of Hostility to research, unlike other carriers which require three. Like all carrier cruisers, the Drone Host is no match for a carrier-class capital ship such as the Halcyon Carrier.

Carriers can manufacture fighters to counter enemy bombers and lightly-armored targets like LRF, but watch out for flak, which can quickly decimate multiple squadrons of fighters. When faced with lots of enemy flak, one can switch to bombers, which are more durable and do massive amounts of damage against enemy structures, heavy cruisers, and capital ships.

In Entrenchment, the Drone Host gains the ability to support a "Homing Mine" squad. This squad can be used to deploy a minefield of Homing Mines. This dual-function as Advent's carrier and minelayer can be useful, but it's not as effective as the dedicated Vasari Sivuskras Ruiner. The Advent's minelayer squad will need to be replaced after each minefield is placed, which adds a long wait and an antimatter cost for every minefield placed.

In Rebellion, the Drone Host gains the ability to take over mines. This is only available to the Advent Loyalist however. This also gives a great incentive to not build mines against the Advent Loyalist.

Ship Type: Cruiser
Primary Role: Squadron Support
Shield Power: Very Low
Hull Points: Medium
Armor Level: Very Low
Armor Type: Heavy
Antimatter: Low
Weapons: None
Squadrons Supported: 3
Crew Complement: 2,750

Mine Control
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Squadron Management

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