Ability User: Halcyon Carrier
Ability Type: Active
Target: Self
Antimatter Cost: 150 -> 110
Cooldown Time: 180
Duration: 75 -> 95
Range: N/A
  • additional strike craft: 60 -> 75
  • chance to dodge: 25% -> 31%

Note: Data in table is current as of Patch 1.90.

A veritable swarm of additional drones are deployed by the Anima in a brief act of fury. -Extracted from the game.


Deploys 60 / 75 additional drones (i.e., individual strike craft, not squadrons) for the duration. These will divide themselves up and join existing squadrons, splitting up equally (or as near as possible) between existing fighter and bomber squadrons. (If you have no squadrons when this ability is used, a bomber squadron will be automatically queued up for you.) Note that the number of extra strike craft is not listed in-game (but can be manually counted in squadron tooltips while the ability is active).

All strike craft hosted by the carrier (i.e., not just the extra ones) also gain a "chance to dodge" (effectively a damage reduction) of 25% / 31% for the duration of the ability.

Note that it does not matter how many strike craft you currently have - even if you have only a single squadron queued (in which case, however, you are greatly wasting the carrier's potential!), all those 60 / 75 strike craft will join that squadron. Also note that the "yield" of this ability is somewhat higher with bombers, which have lower squadron sizes for all races, but are individually tougher and have higher damage. For the Advent, 60 strike craft is the equivalent of (60 / 7 =) 8.6 extra bomber squadrons, but "only" (60 / 9 =) 6.7 fighter squadrons. (For the second level, the numbers are 10.7 and 8.3 squadron equivalents.) Even so, it is best to deploy extra craft of the types you actually need at the moment, rather than those with higher numerical stats.

In large fleets, you might wish to have your Anima Tempest-enabled carriers configured to preferentially carry the strike craft type you expect you might need more of, so that the extra drones are added to these types. If this causes a shortage of the other type, that can be resolved by reconfiguring your carrier cruisers to compensate. However, in any case this should ideally be done before a battle, not during one, as reassigning squadrons will scuttle existing ones and the replacements will take some time to build. If all / most of the ship's current strike craft have been destroyed, however, you can reassign squadrons to whatever you need (in this case, that will usually be fighters) on the fly, then hit Anima Tempest; the extra drones will be assigned to the new squadrons, and scuttling losses will be minimal (since there is little left to scuttle in the first place).

Development History Edit

Patch 1.04 added the chance to dodge.

Rebellion added the second level as part of the general overhaul of capital ship ability levels.