A TEC fighter with a fighter autocannon round

Autocannons are a weapon used by the TEC, roughly equivalent to the Advent's Plasma or the Vasari's Wave weapons.

The TEC are the only faction where their heavy cruiser shares its damage type with other combat-oriented frigates. For both Advent and Vasari, their heavy cruiser shares its damage type only with capital ships, non-combat frigates and (in the case of Advent) starbases.


An autocannon is a projectile weapon that uses chemical propellant to hurl shells, which bear an explosive charge after the TEC Rebel-specific upgrade, or, in case with Marza Dreadnought's Incendiary Shells, cause fires upon impact; the prefix "Auto" means that they rapidly reload and fire bursts of shells - dozens, if not hundreds, as opposed to 2-3 shots of other weapon classes - at a time.

Autocannons have been in use since the 1880s, and are an obvious choice for TEC because of their extremely long history of usage and technological simplicity.


The TEC can upgrade their autocannon weapons to deal an additional 10% damage with two military labs, 20% with three military labs, and 30% with five military labs.

Ships and Structures armed with AutoCannonsEdit



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