SOSER barren

Barren Planets, introduced in the Forbidden Worlds DLC, offer the highest number of logistic slots of any planet type.

Planetary upgrades Edit

PlanetType MaxPop. MaxHealth Max Slots Extractors Max Research Increase (+Pop.)
Log. Tac. M C Advent TEC Vasari
Barren World 90 6000 44 35 2 2-4 48% (+43) N/A N/A

Statistics Edit

Population Edit

No Upgrade1st Upgrade2nd Upgrade
Max. Population103090
Growth Rate0,1250,1250,125
Tax Penalty-3-1,250

Extractors Edit

Min. Extractor CountMax. Extractor CountExtraction Rate

Other values Edit

No Upgrade1st Upgrade2nd Upgrade3rd Upgrade4th Upgrade
Planet Health1000250045006000#NV
Logistic Slots1218243644
Tactical Slots52035#NV#NV

Values taken from Gamefiles(v 1.80)

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