BoardingParty button
Ability User: Corsev Battlecruiser
Ability Type: Active

Targets Enemy Frigates and Structures.

Must be controllable and not be a star base constructor.

Antimatter Cost: 100 -> 95 -> 90 -> 85
Cooldown Time: 60
Duration: 10 -> 13 -> 17 -> 20
Range: 5000
  • Damage taken/sec: 35 -> 40 -> 45 -> 50

Sends a boarding party to attack an enemy frigate, cruiser or structure. If a target ship would be destroyed while boarded, the ship is instead healed for a portion of its shields and hull and brought under your control. The damage dealt by this ability is affected by shield mitigation. If this ability set to autocast, it will only target enemies that have suffered more than 350 points of hull damage.

Note: Hull points recovery is 50% and shields points recovery is 100%. Similar effect to the Domination ability. In addition, the successfully converted target earns the status 'Boarded', which significantly increases the effectiveness of Demolition Team and Salvage Operations.

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