Bombers are Strike Craft designed to engage and destroy large heavily armored targets such as Capital Ships, Titans, Starbases, Orbital Structures and Heavy Cruisers. Bombers are vulnerable to Fighters and to a lesser extent Anti-Strike Craft Frigates. However, when deployed in large quantities (40-150 squadrons) from fleets of Squadron Support Cruisers, they can wreak severe havoc on high-value enemy assets before fighters and flak are able to make a dent in their numbers; the bombers themselves are of little value since carrier cruisers can rebuild them automatically at no financial cost (although they do need antimatter). This can be mitigated by using abilities such as Telekinetic Push and Jam Weapons to buy time for fighters to thin the bomber swarm, or destroying the carriers, which may be difficult in multiplayer since a competent player will keep them as far away from the battle as possible.

Bombers should be deployed in their own control group to facilitate focused fire against high-value targets. Multiple control groups may be used if the enemy fields capital ships with anti-strikecraft abilities such as the Kol Battleship or Halcyon Carrier, so that not all of them may be affected by such abilities at once, and so as to be able to attack two or more targets at once if needed.



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