Ability User: Jarrasul Evacuator
Ability Type: Active
Target: Targets unowned, colonizable planets.
Antimatter Cost: 90
Cooldown Time: 120 -> 90 -> 60
Duration: 240 -> 480 -> 720
Range: 5000
  • Structure build time: 20%

Sends supplies and personnel down to the surface of the planet to create a new outpost. For a brief time, the planet will also build structures more quickly. Extracted from the game.

The Jarrasul regenerates antimatter at a much faster rate than the Jarun Migrator, allowing you to colonize planets in rapid succession by using this ability. The Jarrasul is also much tougher than a colony frigate, and unlikely to be killed by militia even if you are passing through extremely heavily defended gravity wells. This allows the Jarrasul to quickly access distant planets that would otherwise be out of reach of regular colony frigates in the early-game, and makes it the default capital ship choice on larger maps. Each level of Colonize gives the colonized planet one extra Fabricator (construction frigate) for a short while: a level 3 Colonize would spawn 4 Fabricators. This can be extremely useful for quickly building up defenses and factories when anticipating an attack in the very near future. Although it doesn't offer an obvious economic bonus, unlike the Akkan Battlecruiser Colonize and the Progenitor Mothership Colonize, the three extra Fabricators can be essential for establishing and holding your front lines against an incoming enemy.

A very useful tactic to use in congunction with Colonize is the Jarrasul's Nano-Disassembler ability, which allows the ship to clear militia very quickly. Even at level 1, the Nano-Disassemblers are an automatic kill against Krosov Siege Frigates and Javelis LRM Frigates. The only challenge is maintaining enough antimatter to use this ability frequently and still have enough left over to colonize. A common strategy used when quickly expanding is to first use Nano-Disassembler against all the Krosov militia, then colonizing the planet, building turrets, and warping out the Jarrasul to attack the next planet.

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