Ability User: Rapture Battlecruiser
Ability Type: Passive
Target: Friendly fighters belonging to units within the radius
Antimatter Cost: N/A
Cooldown Time: N/A
Duration: N/A
Range: 8000
  • Damage output: 10% -> 18% -> 26% -> 34%

Note: Values in table are current as of Patch 1.90.

Increases the damage output of strike craft hosted by nearby friendly forces. -Extracted from the game

Tactics Edit

To benefit from this effect, the host carrier that owns the squad must be in the area of effect of this ability. The strike craft themselves do not need to be within the effect of concentration aura to gain the benefit. Strike craft owned by Hangar Defenses and Starbases also benefit. This bonus does not stack; having two or more Raptures will only enable you to cover a larger area. Pairing this with Halcyon carriers can do high amounts of damage. The buff also applies to allied strike craft hosts, regardless of faction.

The ability suffers from diminishing returns (the range does not change and the damage increases relative to previous ability level are 10% -> 7.3% -> 6.8% -> 6.3%), but as it is the only Advent ability directly buffing strike craft damage (aside from weapons research and abilities adding extra strike craft), it still probably pays to level it up as far as you can -- particularly in view of the Advent military doctrine's reliance on strike craft. On the plus side, the large range and need to only cover the hosts with the ability mean that in most situations, you only need one Rapture (per fleet) to have it.

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