Construction Ships or Constructors possess the ability to construct Orbital Structures at colonies. They automatically build structures queued from the colony itself, but can be given orders to manually build structures as well. They cannot leave the gravity well in which they are automatically created.

Be it ever so humble, every victorious galactic empire needs its construction frigates.


Constructors auto-repair at an incredibly low rate:

  • Capital ships repair 1.5 hull/second (+0.1 per level)
  • Orbital defenses repair at 2.0 hull/second
  • Contructors repair at 0.012 hull/second - that's 83.3 seconds (1.4 minutes) per hull point!

Because of this, their health will often be below 100%. Consider that when you research Hull Reinforcement, constructors receive more hull points, but take forever to heal up to this new 100% point. Likewise, damaged constructors can stay that way for an extremely long time.

The good news is that you can fix them with Repair Facilities or other hull-repair abilities. However, Repair Facilities have to be manually directed to repair them.

Trade and refinery ships also have this ultra-low repair rate of 0.012 hull/second.


Your first constructor will always appear when you take possession of a planet, even if enemies are present. However, subsequent constructors take a long time to appear if there are enemies in the gravity well. Therefore, consider upgrading your tactical capacity before enemies warp in - so you can respond more quickly, at a contested planet.

Bonus ConstructorEdit

The Roiders Outpost planet bonus bestows an extra constructor. This bonus can be discovered on Asteroids or Dead Asteroids, when you perform your first Explore Planet.



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