Projects a false image of itself into the minds of nearby enemies,

Deceptive Illusion being cast, and the clone.

allowing it to be less likely to be attacked.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Creates a clone of the Illuminator Vessel, the clone appears like a normal ship but it does no damage, the real vessel is also 60% less likely to be targeted. It requires Temples of Hostility to research.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

You can tell which ships are cloned by carefully examining them. The cloned ships are slightly translucent, and their infocard states "Abilities disabled" - which is true, or otherwise decoy Illuminators would have spawned more decoys. This means attentive players can manually target the real Illuminators. This ability is most useful against Discharging Missiles from Kanrak Assailants, and against other Illuminators. These units have secondary attacks that cannot be directed against any target, and even the most attentive players cannot stop their units from attacking the decoys.

The clone is fully capable of phase jumps, and it can be used to launch feint attacks into other gravity wells. It can also be used to trigger minefields.

Upgrade Level Duration Cooldown Targets
1 120 180 Self
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