Sins of a Solar Empire
Deliverance Engine


Cost: Credits8000 Metal600 Crystal500
Build Time: 136 seconds.
Uses: 18 Tactical slot(s).
Hull: 4000
Armor: 0
Antimatter: 300
A potent device capable of projecting the Unity's presence to distant worlds, resulting in a sharp increase in your empire's culture there.
Shortcut: (A)

Designed in the shape of a massive, floating eye, the Deliverance Engine's piercing gaze is to be feared by its enemies, and championed by its allies. The Deliverance Signal it projects can strike anywhere, often without warning, but its effects are anything but subtle. Upon impacting a planet, the Unity's power is spread to the populace, causing its citizens to overthrow the current government. Any friendly ships in orbit also have their resolve strengthened even further, causing them to deal more damage than previously possible.

With research, the Advent can station a pair of Deliverance Engines at any planet of their choosing - asteroids, however, can only have one at a time. A single deliverance signal will cause a -3 culture rate for the planet until the planet revolts or your culture is pushed away, two blasts will cause a rate of -7 but that is the maximum possible loss, so if you have more than two it is best to spread them out more unless there is no nearby planet with a population.


Since the Deliverance can target your planets as well as those of your enemies, it makes for a great "panic-button" superweapon in the event your ships need an extra kick to their firepower. Additionally, the fact that the Advent's culture spreads at an incredible rate makes ensuring planets don't slip from your grasp a much easier task. To top it all off, researching Eyes of the Converted makes it perfect for spying, as it allows you to see any planets within your culture's influence.

If you decide to set up a massive "Deliverance System," set them all to a hotkey you don't use often (say 9 or 0). When the time comes (that is, when all Engines are ready to fire), try focusing fire on a single target (for the best results, use Tab and "Q," its "fire" hotkey). Unlike the Kostura or Novalith Cannons, you don't need to target multiple planets individually for its effects to be felt (not to say it doesn't help). Your opponents will VERY quickly find their culture being lost at a rapid rate, and one by one, their planets will fall.

Cost: Credits8000 Metal600 Crystal500
Requires 8 Temples of Harmony
Requires 1 Point in Total Assimilation
Build Time: 120 Seconds

The Deliverance Engine about to fire

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