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Desert Planets are dry, desolate, and sandy planets with little water and a harsh environment. Still, life has evolved on them using sub-surface water reserve and air traps to catch moisture out of the atmosphere. Desert planets do not support large populations but can support vast arrays of Logistics structures, such as trade ports, refineries, research labs, or military shipyards.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Desert planets, while very rare, are the second most common planet for a galactic empire to spawn from. Should this be the case the Advent automatically start out with an economical advantage. The Advent can upgrade their planet population cap to 30%, while the TEC can upgrade this to 15%, the Vasari however cannot improve conditions upon the dry desert worlds.

The planet can only have 1-2 metal extractors and 1-2 crystal extractors.

Planetary Upgrades[edit | edit source]

PlanetType MaxPop. MaxHealth Max Slots Extractors

Max Research Increase (+Pop.)

Log. Tac. M C Advent TEC Vasari
Desert World 190 6000 36 35 1-2 1-2 30% (+57) 15% (+28) -

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