Designate Target is an ability for the Cielo Command Cruiser.

Game Description: Paints a target's weak points with targeting lasers, allowing friendly units to deal increased damage against it.

Ship: Cielo Command Cruiser
Research Cost: 1400$ 250m 400c
Type: Active
Target: Enemy, Single
Antimatter Cost: 100
Cooldown: 45
Range: 9000
Duration: 60
  • Damage taken: +40%

Cielo Command Cruiser's Designate Target ability is actually classified as a negative damage reduction. This acts as a damage scalar equivalent to the formula: 1/(1+damage_reduction). Since Designate target is a negative damage reduction the damage scalar is 1/(1-.4) = 1.666. This means that each attack on the target does 66% more damage, rather than the nominal 40% shown in the ability. This affects abilities as well and so is a good way to multiply the effect of strong abilities such as the Ragnarov Titan's Snipe or Kol Battleship's Gauss Rail Gun.

Bonus damage is still affected by armor and shield mitigation. For a target with 65% shield mitigation, Designate Target is equivalent to bypassing 23% of shield mitigation. For a target with 75% shield mitigation, it is equivalent to bypassing 16.5% of shield mitigation.

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