Ability User: Radiance Battleship
Ability Type: Active
Target: Targets enemy capital ships, frigates and structures. Must have anti matter pool
Antimatter Cost: 60
Cooldown Time: 20
Duration: 12 -> 15 -> 18
Range: 4500
  • Abilities disabled
  • Damage taken /sec: 16.7 -> 26.7 -> 33.3

De-stabilizes the Antimatter reserves on the target, causing a portion of it to combust and deal damage over time. The target is also unable to use antimatter for abilities over this time period. Extracted from the game.

This is the only disabling ability in the game that can target starbases to prevent them from using their own special abilities. If you have two Radiance Battleships with sufficient antimatter, you can perpetually keep a starbase's special abilities non-operational. To counter this, you need to protect your starbase with other units that can chase off the Radiances or else disable them.

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