Ability User: Kortul Devastator
Ability Type: Passive
Target: Self
Antimatter Cost: N/A
Cooldown Time: N/A
Duration: 10
Range: N/A
  • Antimatter Removed: 10 -> 20 -> 30
  • Ability Cooldown rate: +16.7% -> +33.3% -> +50%

Has a chance to increase the ability cooldowns and deplete antimatter when this ship's energy weapons hit enemy ships. Extracted from the game.


Disruptive Strikes gives the Kortul's beam weapons a 25% chance to disrupt the enemy, reducing their antimatter reserves and increasing cooldowns for a period of 15 seconds. It will also immediately stop any channeling abilities, such as Missile Barrage or Shield Restore when the target is struck. Because the Kortul has multiple beam weapons, this can potentially affect multiple enemies simultaneously. This is one of the only abilities in the game that can be used to remove antimatter from a starbase and disable its special abilities.

As this is a passive abilty it cannot be disabled in any way and such is considered the best antimatter draining ability by many players. In combination with the Kortul's toughness no Titan is safe from having its antimatter drained at any point in time.

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