DisruptorNanites button.png
Ability User: Missile Platform (since Entrenchment)
Ability Type: Passive
Target: Enemy titans, capital ships, frigates and structures within range
Antimatter Cost: N/A
Cooldown Time: N/A
Duration: 300 seconds (presumably in early versions)

60 seconds in Rebellion

Range: 7500
Effect(s): Passive regeneration disabled (hull, shields, antimatter)

Anything that enters the range of the ability will not have any passive regeneration. This also limits abilty usage to what antimatter (AM) the ship had when entering the range. When dealing with a capital ship, the stoppage of AM regeneration is easily the most important aspect of this ability. At 5 minutes duration, this ability used to be one the most powerful in the game, allowing even the pursuit of crippled enemy capital ships. In Rebellion however, it last only one minute, making it basically just a defensive ability, but still a potent one, comparable to having a Kortul Devastator's Disruptive Strikes, but in a cheap and resilient structure.

Build at least one Missile Platform in any Vasari defense and rejoice as the enemy is running dry on antimatter while your starbase pounds him to pieces. Having a single Missile Platform with this ability can make a huge difference (turning a potential loss into a victory) when your starbase is battling a fleet supported by a capital ship that can heal multiple units (for example the Advent Progenitor Mothership) because the starbase shoots at multiple targets simultaneously (up to 16 even at base upgrades), so denying repeated shield or hull repairs to a significant number of enemies quickly adds up to snowball effect of enemy losses resulting in diminished enemy firepower and increased survival time for your starbase, which in turn can be used to complete further upgrades for it. The effect of Disruptor Nanites is less dramatic versus other types of abilities.

Conversely, when attacking a Vasari world, try to battle outside the ranges of the Missile platforms if possible or take them out quickly if AM regeneration is important for the success of the attack.

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