Sins of a Solar Empire
DistortionField button.png

The Subverter performs an in-grav phase jump, teleporting it towards an enemy target before channeling a disabling field of energy, disabling all frigates and structures within a radius of 1600.

Ship: Stilakus Subverter
Research Cost: 1400Credits 250Metal 400Crystal
Type: Active
Target: Enemy frigates or structures, single
Antimatter Cost: 130
Cooldown: 60
Range: 8000
Duration: 20
  • Abilities disabled
  • Construction disabled
  • Structure Work disabled
  • Phase Jump disabled
  • Sub-light main engines disabled
  • Sub-light maneuvering engines disabled
  • Passive regeneration disabled
  • Weapons disabled


Distortion Field is extremely useful for locking down enemy frigates and cruisers and even tactical structures such as repair bays and defensive turrets. It can severely mitigate the offensive power of all kinds of frigates and cruisers and leave them open to attack by other elements of your fleet. One particularly effective synergy is with the Sivuskras Ruiner, which can be used to place Explosive Mines around enemy frigates that have been disabled, dealing severe damage. Corvettes are exceptionally vulnerable to Distortion Field since they clump up in small areas and a well-timed usage of the ability can catch huge numbers of them at once. It can also be used to counter an Advent player's use of Repulsion, as the Subverter can warp forward from distances exceeding the reach of Repulsion and knock out the channeling Guardian. Distortion Field does not affect strikecraft, starbases, capital ships or Titans.

In general, Distortion Field can be countered by splitting your forces so as to minimize the numbers of ships that get caught in any one field, and by interrupting, disabling or destroying any Subverters channeling the ability.


Being the most powerful cruiser-wielded disabling ability due to its area-of-effect property compared to Demolition Bots and Suppression, Distortion Field has been subject to various changes over the game's history, overall becoming weaker. In Patch 1.1, its antimatter cost was increased to 150 from an initial 100 and the effect duration was reduced to 20 seconds from 30. In Patch 1.18 it was given a slight buff with the AM cost reduced to 130 and its activation range increased to 8000 from 6000. In Patch 1.2 it was again nerfed with the radius of its effect reduced to 1600 from 2000.