Sins of a Solar Empire
Domina Subjugator

Advent Domina Subjucator.jpg

Cost: Credits400 Metal80 Crystal80
Build Time: 30 seconds.
Uses: 4 supply.
Hull: 550
Repair: 1
Shields: 300
Regeneration: 0.5
Max Mitigation: 60%
Antimatter: 350
Recharge: 1
Experience value: 22
Weapon Damage Per Second Per Bank
(front / back / left / right)
(Anti Heavy)
4 / 0 / 0 / 0
Range: 4000
Weapon Banks: 1 / 0 / 0 / 0
Strong vs. none.
A powerful supporting cruiser whose Psintegrat can cripple enemy ships and empower friendly ones in combat.
Shortcut: (E)

The Domina Subjugator is the Advent's Offensive Support Cruiser.

Official Description: Utilizing the Advent‘s unique telepathic skills, the Domina's specialized hull is capable of projecting a psionic suppression field onto enemy ships. Once hit, the opposing crew is unable to move, rendering their vessel open to attack by more powerful Advent ships. This makes the Subjugator a fantastic complement to any of the more combat-oriented vessels, or to any of the Advent capital ships. Domina crews are highly trained psionics and can also telepathically encourage nearby ships‘ crews to work well past the point of exhaustion.



Official Description: Telekinetically overpowers the crew and systems of the target ship, preventing them from moving, attacking, or using abilities.


Official Description: Invokes a divine aura around a friendly target, which makes it immune to disablement and restores its hull over time. This is a channeling ability.


Suppression can be very useful against enemy scout frigates if you order it to use it as soon as the enter the gravity well and you have some defenders ready to destroy the invader. This ship can also be very helpful when your enemy has a large amount of heavy cruisers or dangerous support cruisers (like the Subverter.)

Perseverance while similar in effect to the Hoshiko's Repair Drones ability, Perseverance requires tier 6 research before it can be used, which can be cost-prohibitive in competitive games, especially in combination with the the requirement that the frigate face its target in order to use Perseverance. Especially if the enemy is focus-firing on one of your important units, such as a capital ship or starbase, often it's a good idea to order your Dominas to hold position once they're in range of the targets they'll be repairing. Since Dominas do very little damage, and since they have to face their target to use their repair ability, turning off their auto-attack is often a good idea as well. While Dominas are decent at repairing large, slow targets, they are not very effective when used in an attempt to support an entire Advent fleet. For that, use the Guardian in combination with the Progenitor Mothership for shield regeneration.

If your Dominas run low on antimatter in battles, it can be a good idea to use Disciples to help transfer antimatter.

Ship Type: Cruiser
Primary Role: Support
Shield Power: Low
Hull Points: Very Low
Armor Level: Medium
Armor Type: Heavy
Antimatter: Very High
Weapons: Forward Heavy Pulse Laser
Crew Complement: 200

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