The Titan fires an explosive shell at the target ship which explodes, dealing damage and knocking back nearby enemies.

Ability User : Ragnarov Titan

Ability type : Active

Antimatter cost: 60 -> 65 -> 70 -> 75

Cooldown time: 40

Range: 10000

If user does not have Overcharge:

Damage: 600 -> 1000 -> 1300 -> 1600

If user has Overcharge:

Damage: 900 -> 1500 -> 1950 -> 2400

Though usually considered a secondary option when compared to snipe, explosive shot does have its advantages such as stopping sustained specials as it will move the ship out of position. While its damage and range is not equal to snipe it can be used to speed up the destruction of the target. Rapid use though as possible by snipe is not workable due to the long cool down. However, this ability is powerful against all non-capital ship fleets. One higher level Explosive Shot can destroy every single frigate or cruiser within the explosion radius.

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