Sins of a Solar Empire
FinestHour button.png
Ability User: Kol Battleship
Ability Type: Active
Target: Self
Antimatter Cost: 150
Cooldown Time: 180
Duration: 60 [60-> 75]
Range: 1000
  • Antimatter restored /sec: 5.0 (3.0) [3.0-> 3.8]
  • Hull repaired /sec: 10.0 (15.0) [15.0-> 18.8]
  • Ability cooldown rate: 20% [20%-> 25%]
  • Damage: 60 [60-> 75] (Radius 1000 on target, every fire of each Projectile weapon bank)

In a desperate move, the crew stress themselves and this ship's engineering to the limit, granting the ship splash damage attacks, increased repair rates, and increased antimatter regeneration.

Numbers in parentheses are for Diplomacy. Numbers in brackets are for Rebellion.

The splash damage is applied to each fire of the four projectile weapons banks, dishing out a potential 240 splash damage every 4.5 seconds, adding 53.333 splash damage per second. This is further increased if the Kol is Emboldened and due to the fire rate increase from leveling up.


Finest Hour is the Kol Battleship's "ultimate" ability (attainable only at experience level six or higher), and has but one rank in Trinity and earlier; it received a second level in Rebellion. This ability makes every aspect of the Kol Battleship more efficient, and this is dependent for efficacy on the skill of the player.

By the time the ability expires, the Kol will regenerate twice its cost in Antimatter, and the hull repair effect stacks with Repair Drones and the repair robots of the Repair Platform. Diligent ability usage during the sixty seconds of activation will result in at least one more Flak Bursts or two more Gauss Rail Gun barrages than would normally occur during the same span of time. Combined with the Dunov Battlecruiser's Flux Field (which reduces antimatter cost of standard abilities), the Kol can dish out the pain for 60 whole seconds and come out stronger than it started. A well-timed use of Finest Hour can make the difference in a battle of attrition.