Ability User: Dunov Battlecruiser
Ability Type: Active
Target: Self and radius
Antimatter Cost: 125 [125 > 95]
Cooldown Time: 180 [180 > 135]
Duration: 60 [60 > 75]
Range: 4000
  • Ability antimatter cost: -300% [-300% > -345%]

Note: Bracketed values are for Rebellion (updated to v1.94)

Greatly reduces the antimatter cost of regular abilities for nearby friendly ships and structures. Extracted from the game.

The antimatter costs are reduced according to the formula 1/(1+reduced AM cost). So level 1 flux field causes AM-using abilities to cost 25% of their original cost. Level 2 reduces this to ~22.5% of original cost.

Tactics Edit

With rebellion this was updated to provide significantly higher up-time at level 2, increasing from 33% to 55%. This ability can be put to great effect in allowing ships like the Kol Battleship to spam Gauss Rail Gun or Flak Burst, or provide the ability to use AM-consuming abilities in the face of AM-draining abilities.

Even a level 1 Flux Field allows one to effectively multiply the number of support cruisers in a fleet by greatly extending the time before a ship's AM reserves are depleted. Hoshiko Robotics Cruisers benefit greatly from this ability as it allows them to spam both Repair Drones and Demolition Bots around 10 times over 30 seconds before depleting antimatter reserves. Cielo Command Cruisers can also spam Embolden around 30 times before running out of antimatter. Thus even a modest detachment of support cruisers can support a very large fleet.

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