Forbidden Worlds is the first DLC for Rebellion and the first DLC in Sins history. It was released on June 5, 2013.[1]


The war between the loyalists and the rebels within the TEC, Advent and Vasari continues within the depths of Trader Space. Yet, this sector of the galaxy has far more worlds and history than any of the factions are aware. The need to survive forces each to expand into the unknown, discovering worlds of hazard, wealth, risk, and mystery. Most ominously, the Trader factions have been loathe to expand to these worlds due to the dark myths that surround them.


New Planet TypesEdit

Four new planet types, Barren, Ferrous, Greenhouse, and Oceanic.

New Planet Specialization SystemEdit

Dedicate worlds to either social or industrial output. Social improvements increase population, population growth and culture at the cost of trade and ship production, while the industrial path will increase trade and ship production at the cost of growth, population and culture.

New TechnologiesEdit

Allegedly, fifteen new technologies to allow for the conquest of the forbidden worlds. Allegedly.

New Planet BonusesEdit

Forty new planet bonuses that unlock the dark past of the Sins' universe: 

Name Effect
Abandoned Nanite Facility Ship build cost -10
Ablative Crust Planet health +1250
Development build cost 20%
Ancient Archaeology Max population +50
Ancient Mine Factory Max space mines +25
Anitimatter Cores Weapon damage at gravity well +1
Automated Factories Ship build cost -15%
Bonus constructors 1
Bombardment Shelters Bombing damage -10%
Chaotic Society Tax income -1
Trade income -25%
Max allegiance -20%
Structure build rate -10%
Development build rate -10%
Population growth -5%
Ship build cost +15%
Death World Max population -20
Logistic slots -4
Max allegiance -15%
Development build cost +15%
Development build rate -15%
Population growth -20%
Dense Atmosphere Max population -10
Bombing damage -15%
Population growth -5%
Dense Core Gravity well radius +66%
Feudal Society Culture spread rate -5%
Tax Income -2.5
Max Allegiance -10%
Structure build cost -5%
Structure build rate -10%
Development build cost -5%
Development build rate -10%
Ship build cost -5%
Fortress World Culture spread rate -50%
Max population -30
Planet health +1000
Tactical slots +14
Trade income -25%
Max space mines +50
Max Starbases +1
Free Market Society Culture spread rate +15%
Tax income +5
Trade income +15%
Max allegiance +10%
Structure build cost -5%
Development build cost -5%
Ship build cost -5%
Frequent Raiders Trade income -30%
Fusion Power Core Structure build rate 5%
Development build rate 5%
Healing Nanites Population growth +30%
Intense Gravity Field Gravity well radius 100%
Interstellar Exchange Tax income +1.5
Trade income +10%
Modern Society Logistical Slots +4
Tactical Slots +4
Max Allegiance +10%
Structure Build Rate +10%
Development Build Rate +10%
Ship Build Cost -10%
Oceanic Energy Converter Trade Income +20%
Ordered Society Culture Spread Rate -15%
Tax Income 0.3
Trade Income -10%
Max Allegiance -5%
Metal Extraction Rate +5%
Crystal Extraction Rate +5%
Pacifist Society Logistical Slots +4
Tactical Slots -4
Tax Income +0.2
Trade Income +5%
Population Growth +5%
Bombing Damage +15%
Ship Build Cost +20%
Planetary Corruption Tax Income -2.0
Trade Income -10%

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New AchievementsEdit

Five new Steam achievements to demonstrate your mastery of the forbidden worlds.


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