GravityMines button.png
Gravity Mine


Hull: 30
Armor: 3
Gravity Mines detonate when enemy ships draw within a range of 650, slowing them and preventing them from phase jumping.

For a resource cost, the Sivuskras Ruiner randomly spreads 10 Gravity Mines around its current position.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Because they deal no damage, gravity mines can easily be cleared by running inexpensive units such as scouts or flak frigates through them. Although the units will be slowed and unable to phase jump for the time period, this can quickly destroy a large number of mines. To use gravity mines effectively, you must use them to trap retreating enemies, which usually means deploying them during the fight to block the enemy.

In most situations, explosive mines are superior since they will kill weaker frigates and cruisers, or leave them so injured that your other units can clean them up. Gravity mines are primarily useful against capital ships, which have sufficient durability to survive regular explosive mines.

Ship: Sivuskras Ruiner
Research Cost: Credits1400 Metal250 Crystal400
Type: Active
Target: Empty space
Resource Cost: Credits570 Metal135 Crystal70
Cooldown: 15
Range: n/a
Duration: n/a
  • Scatters 10 Gravity Mines around the Ruiner that activate at a range of 650 to disable phase jumps, reduce max speed by 30%, and reduce acceleration by 60% for 45 seconds.
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