Ability User: Revelation Battlecruiser
Ability Type: Active
Target: Targets friendly capital ships and frigates. Must have antimatter pool and must not be self.
Antimatter Cost: 90 -> 100 -> 110 -> 120
Cooldown Time: 50
Duration: 20 -> 25 -> 30 -> 35
Range: 8000
  • Ability cooldown rate: 25% -> 30% -> 35%-> 40%

Note: Values in table are current as of Patch 1.90.

Boosts the mental focus of the crew, allowing them to reduce ability cooldowns by operating more efficiently. -Extracted from the game

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Guidance is an area-of-effect ability affecting all frigates, cruisers, and capital ships. (But not corvettes, titans, and structures.) There are relatively few Advent abilities that are limited by cooldown; nonetheless, if you have the antimatter to make use of this ability, its large area of effect can significantly improve the effectiveness of your fleet. This is particularly true in a defensive position, where you can have Temples of Renewal backing up your antimatter regeneration. The Reverie ability would benefit greatly from this buff, but unfortunately Guidance does not target the casting ship, meaning you would need to have a second Revelation present.

This ability is very helpful to allied capital ships from other factions, many of which can gain enormously from being able to use certain abilities in rapid succession. The Kol Battleship, Sova Carrier, Marza Dreadnought, Antorak Marauder, Jarrasul Evacuator, Vulkoras Desolator, and Skirantra Carrier all benefit substantially, perhaps more than any Advent capital ship does.

Development[edit | edit source]

Patch 1.02 saw the first overhaul for Guidance (at the time, a single-target ability). The ability cooldown rate was changed from 20/35/50% at respective levels to 40% at all levels. The ability's cooldown time was also changed from 20/15/10 seconds per level to 20 seconds at all levels. In exchange, its duration was changed from 20 seconds at all levels to 15/30/45 seconds per level.

In Patch 1.2, Guidance was completely reworked into an area-of-effect ability that reduces cooldown times of all affected units, vastly improving its utility.

  • Before this, Guidance was a single-target ability, and even as such was lackluster at best: While cheaper then, it still cost a substantial amount of antimatter, meaning one was able to use Reverie (which was then widely regarded as the most powerful ability the Revelation had, by a significant margin) much less often. The net result was that one actually got to use fewer abilities than one otherwise would, undermining the very purpose of Guidance. Because of this, the ability had often been nominated for the dubious distinction of "worst ability in the game". The negative player feedback ultimately helped motivate Guidance's rework.
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