Heavy Fallout is an ability for the Krosov Siege Frigate. This is a passive ability that effects the Krosov's standard orbital bombardment attacks. It is primarily a weapon of economic warfare against unshielded planets with minimal civil protection: by killing the population, cash income is reduced until the population rebuilds. By using Heavy Fallout, a planet becomes a liability rather than an asset for a longer period of time. Combined with light carriers or LRM frigates to take out orbital facilities, Heavy Fallout has the potential to be a staple of late-game economy warfare.

Game Description: The after effects of planet bombardment are made more severe, causing population growth to be reduced more sharply for a period of time.

Ship: Krosov Siege Frigate
Research Cost: 1000$ 150m 250c
Antimatter Cost: 0 (Passive Effect)
Cooldown: 0 (Passive Effect)
Range: Variable (Krosov Attack Range)
Duration: 360
Effect(s): Population Growth Rate: -30%

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