Ice Planet

Ice Planets are frozen wastelands, with very little liquid water, and even less people. What makes these planets so valuable is their abundance of crystal.


Ice planets are essentially the polar opposite of the Volcanic Planet. No race in particular has a vast amount of investment into these types of planets, but both the TEC and Vasari find some interest in them and may upgrade their planet population by 15%. The Advent, however show no significant interest in colonizing these worlds except for its crystal abundance.

These planets always have 2-4 crystal extractors.

Planetary UpgradesEdit

PlanetType MaxPop. MaxHealth Max Slots Extractors Max Research Increase (+Pop.)
Log. Tac. M C Advent TEC Vasari
Ice World 160 6000 20 35 - 2-4 - 15% (+24) 15% (+24)

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