Sins of a Solar Empire

Kodiak Heavy Cruiser

Intercept is an ability for the Kodiak Heavy Cruiser. Though its avowed purpose is to permit the notoriously short-ranged Kodiak to close distances with the enemy, the ability can be manually activated at any time. This bestows a number of advantages upon the savvy commander, namely during retreats or pre-Phase Jump maneuvers. It is very useful for pursuing enemy carriers that often tend to fly arround the gravity well in an attempt to evade your fleet. It can also be used to counter movement-impairing abilities such as Demolition Bots. When using this ability the ships exhaust trail will briefly light up and elongate, there is also a slight pause before it starts after you press the icon, so be aware it will not immediately respond.

Game Description: A short-duration after burner is fired when closing in on a target, allowing for a brief surge in speed and acceleration.

Ship: Kodiak Heavy Cruiser
Research Cost: 1000$ 150m 250c
Type: Active
Target: Self
Antimatter Cost: 0
Cooldown: 60
Range: 1200
Duration: 8
  • Max Speed: +200%
  • Acceleration: +800%