Sins of a Solar Empire
Kanrak Assailant

Kanrak Assailant.jpg

Cost: Credits400 Metal65 Crystal45
Build Time: 28 seconds.
Uses: 6 supply.
Hull: 600
Repair: 1
Shields: 360
Regeneration: 1
Max Mitigation: 60%
Experience value: 45
Weapon Damage Per Second Per Bank
(front / back / left / right)
Phase Missile:
(Anti Medium)
13 / 0 / 0 / 0
Range: 7820
Weapon Banks: 1 / 0 / 0 / 0
Strong vs. light frigates.
A combat frigate heavily armed with long range torpedoes. It can be upgraded to have an area of effect attack.
Shortcut: (E)

The Kanrak Assailant is the Vasari's Long Range Frigate.

Official Description: Equipped with a long-range torpedo launcher, the Kanrak has been designed to eliminate both stationary and mobile targets from a safe distance. Depending on the importance of the target and the overall tactical situation, Kanrak commanders may decide to channel power from the ship‘s engine system into its missile‘s warhead, granting the vessel increased weapons range and an area of effect attack at the expense of mobility.


Tougher than the TEC Javelis LRM Frigate, and capable of bringing more firepower to bear on a single target than the Advent Illuminator Vessel, the Assailant is a well balanced support frigate. About as expensive as the Advent counterpart but far more specialized towards long ranged combat against individual targets, its Phase Missile weapons benefit from being able to bypass shields and hit the enemy hull directly with the appropriate research. The special ability, Discharging Missiles, can be maintained indefinitely, but doing so makes the Assailant vulnerable to being flanked as it drastically reduces the rate at which it can turn. Plus, the amount of damage is sadly lacking as a huge cloud of Assailants can kill a level 10 capital ship before a nearby enemy Cobalt dies from Discharging Missiles effect.

Even with basic Phase Missile upgrades, massed Assailants are probably the cheapest and most reliable way to destroy enemy capital ships, at least in the early-mid game. With their Phase Missiles, Assailants are also quite effective against many Advent ships, which depend greatly on their shields while having subpar hull and armor stats. When faced with a group of as few as 15 Assailants, an enemy capital ship needs to retreat as soon as possible or risk being destroyed.

Ship Type: Frigate
Faction: Vasari
Primary Role: Long-Range Assault
Armor Type: Light
Weapons (Fore): Forward Phase Torpedo Launcher
Compliment: 165

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Discharging Missiles
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Tactics Management

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