Sins of a Solar Empire
Kostura Cannon

Kastura Cannon.jpg

Cost: Credits8000 Metal600 Crystal500
Build Time: 136 seconds.
Uses: 18 Tactical slot(s).
Hull: 4000
Armor: 0
Antimatter: 300
A powerful weapon capable of launching a massive energy shockwave at nearby planets.
Shortcut: (S)

All invasions require considerable preparation before execution. An Exodus Fleet will often need as much time as it can to amass the proper resources and troops to spearhead the charge, which can seem to be a period of vulnerability. But once the time is right, the Vasari waste no time in activating their ultimate weapon - the mighty Kostura Cannon.

Equipped with a powerful Energy Warhead, the Kostura's primary function is not to destroy planets, as the TEC's Novalith does, but to disable all structures in the targeted gravity well. The energy shockwave is so potent it disables all structure activities over the course of the next 3 minutes, and deals damage to them.


The Kostura's function is to make life easier for you and your allies by keeping any structures, tactical or logistical, from acting. Unlike the Deliverance Engine or Novalith Cannon, a "Kostura Network" is usually not necessary - one or two cannons will often suffice for your purposes. However, if you do build a large number of Kosturas, the small amount of damage each blast deals will add up, and multiple successive shots can destroy entire defense networks. One Kostura blast does 1275 damage to each structure (reduced by armor). The Kostura will not harm friendly units. The Cannon works best against Pirates or major industrial centers where your target cannot move, if you try to hit your enemy's primary fleet with the network of thirty cannons you spent a half hour saving to build, they will (unless they are particularly ignorant) move their fleet one phase jump to the side, watch the fireworks, then move back unharmed. One way this tactic CAN work is if their fleet is particularly huge and unwieldy, and you are fairly close to them, as the AI isn't always perceptive as to when they should turn off group jump, and even if they do there are bound to be stragglers, just not 30 Kostura Cannons worth of stragglers.

A Kostura can only target enemy gravity wells. If your enemy has a Kostura, the best way to avoid being hit is to stay in uncolonizable, neutral, or enemy territory. The Kostura cannot target these locations.

In Entrenchment, you can use lay mines around the enemy fleet while they are stunned, and the immobilized enemy can only watch in horror as a minefield arms around them.

Another useful aspect of the Kostura Cannon is its ability to temporarily allow phase stabilization in a recently hit gravity well. Allowing for a mass jump from a gravity well with a phase stabilizer already built. Great for hit-and-run tactics


In the period of time between first contact with the other races and the present events of Entrenchment, the Vasari Scientists have upgraded their Energy Warheads to carry a small Phase Stabilization Unit, allowing an Exodus Fleet to instantly jump to the target location if they are stationed around a Phase Stabilizer or Orkulus Star Base with a Phase Stabilizer Array. Alternatively, Two Kosturas can fire in tandem at a pair of targets, allowing for a quicker, though riskier, method.


Initially, a bug caused the Ship Disabling abilities of the Kostura applied to ALL ships in the gravity well (including those of your own or allies). This was fixed in Patch 1.03. Note that this may have originally been perceived as a feature and not a bug. As of Patch 1.2 the Kostura no longer damages and stuns enemy ships.

Cost: 8000 Credits 600 Metal 500 Crystal
Requires: 8 Lirtestra Weapons Labs
Build Time: 136 Seconds
Hull: 4000
Armor: 0
Antimatter: 300
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