Sins of a Solar Empire
Lasurak Transporter

Lasurak Transporter.jpg

Cost: Credits810 Metal160 Crystal140
Build Time: 63 seconds.
Uses: 14 supply.
Hull: 1460
Repair: 1.5
Shields: 780
Regeneration: 1
Max Mitigation: 60%
Antimatter: 400
Recharge: 0.4
Experience value: 84
Strike Craft: 2
Strong vs. none.
A large but unarmed cruiser, it acts as a mobile platform for Vasari strike craft.
Shortcut: (Q)

The Lasurak Transporter is the Vasari's Squadron Support Cruiser.

Official Description: Light fighter and bomber support for Vasari fleets is provided by the Lasurak Transporter. Capable of fielding two squadrons, the Lasurak is capable of launching its forces deeper into an enemy‘s gravity well than one might think, thanks to its relatively strong shields and structure.

A holographic image of a Lasurak Transporter


Carriers can manufacture fighters to counter enemy bombers and lightly-armored targets like long-range frigates, but watch out for flak, which can quickly devastate multiple squadrons of fighters. When faced with lots of enemy flak, one can switch to bombers, which are more durable and do massive amounts of damage against enemy structures, heavy cruisers, and capital ships.

Vasari strike craft are especially dangerous: each individual fighter and bomber has a high amount of hull, making it somewhat difficult for an enemy player to neutralize them, at least in the early-game. In addition, Vasari bombers use Phase Missiles, which are extremely deadly against enemy targets with shields, especially starbases and capital ships.

Ship Type: Lasurak Transporter
Faction: Vasari
Primary Role: Squadron Support
Armor Type: Heavy
Weapons: None
Squadrons Supported: 2
Crew Complement: 430

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