Light Combat Frigates form the backbone of an early game fleet. A good balance of cost, speed, survivability and firepower, light frigates are a cost effective method for adding to fleet firepower early on. They are the only fully combat-oriented frigate that can be built without any research. However, due to the vulnerability of the Light Frigate to enemy Long Range Frigates, it can be a good idea to combine them with Corvettes after they become available, since the Corvettes can destroy Long Range Frigates while the Light Frigates counter the Corvettes' greatest enemy, hostile Flak Frigates.

If the map is reasonably spacious and your prime objective is expansion and colonization, without expecting to encounter enemy forces early on, it's often a good idea to build Scout Frigates as the bulk of your initial fleet (possibly supplanted by Corvettes once they are researched). Although Light Frigates are a decent general-purpose combat unit, Scouts and Corvettes are much more cost effective for attacking Krosov militia, which are the only militia that you really need to kill in order to take the planet.

As compared to Corvettes for direct combat purposes, Light Frigates are stronger on a per-supply basis and can defeat an equivalent Corvette force; however Corvettes are faster and are superior against light-armored targets (Scouts, Colony Frigates, Constructors, Bombers) as well as Titans, since they are not affected by many devastating titan abilities whereas all other frigates are.

 Overview[edit | edit source]

  • Armor: Medium (25% damage from Fighters and Anti-Strike Craft Frigates; 50% damage from Bombers; 150% damage from Long Range Frigates; and full damage from Siege Frigates, Support Cruisers, and other Light Frigates)
  • Damage: Anti-Heavy (75% damage to Siege Frigates, Long Range Frigates, Colonization Frigates, and Construction Frigates; 125% damage against Support Cruisers, Light Carriers, and Anti-Strike Craft Frigates; and full damage to everything else)

TEC[edit | edit source]

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Advent[edit | edit source]

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Vasari[edit | edit source]

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Pirates[edit | edit source]

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