Ability User: Dunov Battlecruiser
Ability Type: Active
Target: Targets enemy capital ships, frigates and structures.
Antimatter Cost: 80
Cooldown Time: 15
Duration: 10 > 13 > 15 [10 > 13 > 15 >17]
Range: 5000
  • Abilities disabled

Makes the target strongly attractive to fighter craft, causing the fighters to violently collide into it. Extracted from the game.

Note that there are some other fields the game doesn't show. Maximum destroyed fighters are 8 -> 12 ->16. These values are obviously for the individual fighters, not for squadrons of them.

Fighters do 25 damage on impact, at all 3 levels.

Lastly, the range for pulling in fighters is 5000 -> 6000 -> 7000.

While the description makes destroying hostile strike craft sound like its primary purpose, it is notable that a level 3 Magnetize ability is able to leave a hostile warship unable to use its special abilities at all for as long as there's antimatter to power it.

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