Ability User: Skirantra Carrier
Ability Type: Passive
Target: Friendly fighters
Antimatter Cost: N/A
Cooldown Time: N/A
Duration: 1
Range: 8000
  • Invulnerable

Nearby friendly fighters may periodically be pulled into phase space and then reappear a short distance away, allowing them to evade imminent attacks and to move into a favorable firing position. Extracted from the game.


The way Microphasing Aura works is a bit complicated and not well explained in game. Every 4 -> 4 -> 3 seconds, there's a 20% -> 30% -> 30% chance of moving an allied fighter squadron 750 km in the direction it is facing. This may help the fighters catch enemy bombers more easily or mitigate the "swarm effect", which happens when a large group of fighters happen to autotarget the same enemy bomber squadron, wasting a tremendous surplus of firepower on a single target. At the same time, it applies an "invulnerable" effect for 1 second.

How this truly affects the game is a little sophisticated. First, Sins have a very specific damage calculation system that refreshes the hit point count every 1-2 seconds, regardless of the moment the vessel got hit. This means that if the fighter is shot at and then gets teleported before the damage is calculated, that damage is not dealt. The chance for this happening is obviously minimal - the damage must be dealt between two hit point recalculations and the microphasing aura must trigger on this particular squadron between the shot and the next health recount.
On the other hand, the moment the invulnerability triggers all units targetting this particular fighter squadron with switch targets to those that are not invulnerable. This in turn causes the damage dealt to the fighters to be spread a little more evenly between squadrons, which aids the Repair Cloud ability in keeping the strike craft alive.

All in all, this ability is most noticeably effective with a big number of fighters present.