Sins of a Solar Empire

Ability User: Marza Dreadnought
Ability Type: Active
Target: Targeted area
Antimatter Cost: 150 -> 113
Cooldown Time: 240 -> 180
Duration: N/A
Range: 10000 [8000]
Waves: 25

Damage: 150 [120 -> 150]

Bombards the target area with volleys of missiles, dealing damage to all objects within the blast radius. Extracted from the game.

The Missile Barrage is Marza's Level 6 ultimate ability, which effectively resolves the issue of frigate swarms by launching 25 waves of missiles at anything hostile larger than a strikecraft within range. In essence, it is a larger and far more powerful version of Burst Rockets without a target cap. Note that the Marza remains otherwise inactive during the ~30 seconds it takes to launch all the missiles (of which roughly 600 can be seen). This ability has one major flaw: The Dreadnought is immobilized while firing, so enemies can simply move out of the killzone, because the range is not that far. Missiles already fired will track their targets but once out of range no more will be fired. It doesn't make the ability a total waste but it can certainly make a big difference.