Sins of a Solar Empire
Nano Weapon Jammer

Nano Weapon Jammer.jpg

Cost: Credits1000 Metal150 Crystal175
Build Time: 68 seconds.
Uses: 2 Tactical slot(s).
Hull: 3000
Armor: 0
Antimatter: 300
Causes hostile ship's weapons to have a longer cooldown.
Shortcut: (T)

The Nano Weapon Jammer is the Vasari's tactical utility structure, equivalent to the Advent Temple of Renewal, or the TEC Shield Generator. Its ability icon is the same as the Kortul Devastator's Jam Weapons ability. This may be the only planetary structure in the game that moves, as it will rotate clockwise as soon as construction is finished, It is also a very large structure, dwarfing almost all but the Kostura Cannon. This structure's primary use is increasing weapon cooldowns on enemy ships, regular weapons by 30% and planetary bombardment by 45%. It has a range of 25000, easily covering the entire gravity well of an asteroid. The duration of this ability is 30 and its cooldown is 10. Its antimatter cost is 40.

Although this is a tactical structure to build it requires civilian research and five Viturska Imperial Labs. The ability can be upgraded to affect up to twenty-five ships at the same time.

The in game description of the Nano Weapon Jammer's ability is "Nanites interfere with weapon systems of hostile ships, increasing the cooldown of their weapons." The ability starts on autocast.

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