Sins of a Solar Empire
Neruda Envoy Cruiser


Cost: Credits550 Metal70 Crystal10
Build Time: 63 seconds.
Uses: 4 supply.
Hull: 850
Repair: 1
Shields: 400
Regeneration: 1
Max Mitigation: 60%
Experience value: 4
Strong vs. none

The Neruda Envoy Cruiser is the TEC's Envoy Cruiser added in the Diplomacy micro-expansion.


Largely out of use since the war began, the Neruda was the primary conveyance for the old Trade Order, but is now being used again to aid in diplomatic efforts. While the Neruda is unarmed, with only minimal defenses, its able to travel under safely for periods under the protection of diplomatic immunity, which all save the Pirates respect. The Neruda comes into its full diplomatic power once its many special abilities are unlocked.


The Neruda is, like all envoys, an oddball ship. As it rarely sees use in multiplayer, and barely effects single player as it is for the most part A.I's effected by your envoys abilities. However, with its limited use the Neruda does have a purpose should you pay attention enough to micromanage it. Diplomatic Immunity provides immunity to all forms of damage should the Neruda fall under fire. Goodwill improves relations with other empires you are allied without, however they have almost no value in multiplayer.

The real use for the Neruda comes to play once the first ability, Worthy Cause, is researched. This ability will lower the cost of all structures within the gravity well. Should you pay attention to your allies you can communicate with them where you want the Neruda to use this should they need to deploy logistical structures or create a bulwark. Arbitrate Tariff is the second ability and a useful one as it will increase the trade income from that planets trade ports by 25%. This is very valuable should the envoy be places on a desert world which can support 9 trade ports or 10 if your ally is a TEC. The last ability Settlers is powerful as it gives any planet with the envoy over it 25% increase to the population cap. This gives a huge boost to the population of desert, terran, and ice worlds.


This ship is named after the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

Ship Info[]

Ship Type: Cruiser
Primary Role: Diplomacy
Shield Power: Low
Hull Points: Medium
Armor Level: Low
Armor Type: Light
Antimatter: None
Weapons: None
Crew Complement: 250

Diplomatic Immunity
Worthy Cause
Arbitrate Tariff
Stop button.png
Move button.png

Its unique abilites are as follows:

  • Settlers: passively increases population limit
  • Worthy cause: active ability, accelerates construction
  • Arbitrate Tariff: active ability, increases trade and refinery (structure) income.
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