Sins of a Solar Empire

Sins of a Solar Empire v1.12 Change Log[]


Gameplay / Balance -

  • Fixed bad toggle ability behavior exemplified by the Vasari Assailant.
  • Fixed ability created squads and fighters from being included in the stats system (thus potentially showing negative values).
  • Fixed tutorial bug where tutorial failed to advance when building a gauss cannon.
  • Fixed exploit where players could view the bounty on a planet infocard to determine the owner.

Networking / Multiplayer -

  • Fixed sync bug caused by bad market system variable initialization.
  • Fixed bug that made clients show that they had joined a game lobby they had been rejected from.
  • Fixed being able to add multiple copies of the same friend to your friend's list.
  • Changed a few confusing network related strings.

Misc. -

  • Converted some old meshes to binary.

SoaSE Patch History[]

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SoaSE: Rebellion Patch History[]

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