Sins of a Solar Empire v1.15 Change LogEdit

Changes Edit

  • All maps updated to version 3.
  • Fix crash when downloaded or custom maps are in the default Galaxy directory.
  • Fixed crash when trying to select custom maps.
  • Fixed in-game Map Designer from crashing.
  • Ships taken over with the Rapture's Domination ability now properly leave fleets they are in and join the Rapture's fleet if it is in one.
  • Mod directory now defaults to a directory based on the current version of the game (to prevent obsolete mods from preventing the game from loading).
  • Replays should now work again.
  • Fixed errors in Grindstone templates.
  • Face off and Implosion don't spawn stuff twice anymore.
  • Deleted the "No Pirates" maps since you can turn off pirates for any map from the options menu.
  • Abilities that repair damage and/or restore shields within a radius now only consider targets within range.
  • Numerous memory savings.

SoaSE Patch History Edit

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SoaSE: Rebellion Patch History Edit

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