This "hotfix" was a patch released shortly after Patch 1.18 which corrected some serious issues.

Changes include:

  • Fix for Akkan's colonize potentially creating neutral resource extractors.
  • Fix for Adept Drone Anima not behaving correctly in original Sins.
  • Fix for NanoHullRepair sound effect.
  • Jam Weapons will now only be autocast when a threshold number of enemy strike craft are in range. (Entrenchment Only)
  • Improved AI and autocast usage for Flak Burst, TelekineticPush, MassDisorientation and PhaseOutFighters. (Entrenchment Only)
  • New AIUseTime for modding: OnlyWhenManyTargetsInRange. (Entrenchment Only)
  • Fixed bug with mines not targetting or detonating if their owner player didn't have vision at their planet. (Entrenchment Only)
  • Included dll's to make sure ConvertData runs correctly for modders.
  • Included Developer builds for modders.

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