This is the most recent patch. It was released on March 16, 2011 and is only available for the Diplomacy expansion.

This patch includes improvements to the game's Alloy multiplayer system and other gameplay tweaks.



  • Tweak to the Alloy network code to try and keep clients from running ahead of the server, and to catch up better when clients lag behind. Our testing shows this should significantly improve overall multiplayer performance over ICO when Alloy is used.
    Players who flood the ICO chat system will now be kicked from the server.
    Additional validation checks added to the ICO server.


  • Fixed range on scout ships' mine detection ability to properly be 6,000.
    Maximum level capital ships will no longer "leech" experience points.
    Anti-very heavy vs. capital ship armor damage reduced from 0.75 to 0.6 (i.e., bomber squadrons will no longer do as much damage to capital ships).


  • AI players should now place mines with a higher priority nearer to structures.


  • Research tabs with no research subjects should now be properly hidden.
    Added an option to allow users having trouble with the cursor to switch to the Windows system cursor.


  • Old sound effect for the Vasari Kortul re-added.

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