Sins of a Solar Empire
Phase Jump Inhibitor


Cost: Credits525 Metal70 Crystal110
Build Time: 136 seconds.
Uses: 2 Tactical slot(s).
Hull: 3000
Armor: 0
Slow down the phase drive charge up of enemy ships Phase Jumping away from this planet.
Shortcut: (R)

The Phase Jump Inhibitor is a tactical structure available to all three races. Although the manual states that neither the TEC nor the Advent can manufacture their own Phase Jump Inhibitors (the TEC is restricted to fielding models captured from the Vasari and the Advent are limited to those stolen from the TEC) and that even the Vasari have been unable to fathom their workings (they can only replicate them using nanotechnology), all three factions are able to construct them as per any other tactical structure.

Given the fact that units may jump away from a planet within 45 degrees of any Phase Lane, one Phase Jump Inhibitor is rarely enough. In fact, it usually takes two or even three Inhibitors to completely blanket a system's probable phase points. Inhibitors are typically employed for two reasons:

  • At ambush points, in order to prevent brutalized enemy forces from escaping into friendly space.
  • At choke points or lightly defended periphery outposts, in order to prevent raiders from simply bypassing the system in favor of more important targets.

It is advisable to field Repair Facilities alongside Inhibitors, as Inhibitors are primary targets for any opponent. Repair Facilities can substantially improve the longevity of Inhibitors, giving friendly fighters or defense structures more time to whittle down the attackers. Ultimately, Phase Jump Inhibitors are important but inferior to intelligence (knowing where the enemy is at all times) and initiative (forcing the enemy to defend rather than attack, react instead of act).

Manual Description: Once unlocked, this powerful structure substantially delays phase jump charge times of enemy ships in its radius of effect.

Game Description: Slows down the phase jump drive charge up of enemy ships Phase Jumping away from this planet.

Build Time: 136 Seconds
Tactical Slots: 2
Hull: 3000
Armor: 0
Antimatter: None
Range: 31500
Ability (TEC) Phase Jump Drive Charge Up Rate: -700%
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