Phase jumps

a close up of ships entering phase space

Phase Stabalizer

a phase stabilizer allows you to bypass phase lanes


a system of planets linked by phase lanes

A med Sins1.bmp

a fleet of ships about to phase jump

Phase Lanes are links between two planets that can be used to quickly go from one planet to another instead of spending hours using sublight. Every ship in Sins of a Solar Empire except the construction frigates is equipped with a phase drive that allows it to move from one gravity well to another. The Vasari are very adept at manipulating phase space and can even move between two Planets not linked by a phase lane using a Phase Stabilizer at each planet, otherwise the only way to move besides using a phase lane is with a Wormhole, and that requires either research or being fortunate to get a Jump Drive Relic. Phase lanes can cross each other, and usually, but not always, lead to a star. Stars do not have phase lanes between each other, any ship on one star can phase jump to another star, with research.

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