Sins of a Solar Empire
Phase Stabilizer

Phase Stabalizer.jpg

Cost: Credits1500 Metal200 Crystal300
Build Time: 64 seconds.
Uses: 10 Tactical slot(s).
Hull: 4000
Armor: 0
Antimatter: 300
Creates a Phase Stabilizer Node which allows your empire's ships to travel directly between this planet and any other Phase Stabilizer in the star system.
Shortcut: (A)

The Phase Stabilizer is the Vasari's unique tactical structure. It has the ability to allow fleets to do a phase jump from one point that has a Stabilizer to another in the same star system, disregarding the predefined phase paths of the scenario. With sufficient research. It also allows for small groups of reinforcements in the form of remnants of the Dark Fleet to come through long-distance phase space for a cost of 2500 Credits, 200 Metal, and 500 Crystal. Ships can also be sent through these via temporary methods, such as Kostura Cannon impacts, the Stabilize Phase Space ability of an Antorak Marauder, or the Phase Stabilizer Arrays on the Orkulus Star Base. Note that a Phase Stabilizer will not extend the reach of your Orbital Refineries and Trade Ports.


Use the phase stabilizers to defend a large empire! A few well-placed phase stabilizers can allow one fleet to defend multiple very distant planets, giving the Vasari a strong advantage in the late-game. This is exceptionally powerful when used in large single-star systems, and can turn the tides of an entire game if used effectively.

Phase stabilizers are expensive and slow to build. The best way to counter a phase stabilizer is to send a small strike force to destroy one. This will prevent the Vasari from warping the defense of the general area, giving the attacking player some time to cause some trouble.

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