Phasic Barrier is a technology that is available to the Vasari through the Empire tree. It costs 800 credits, 100 metal and 175 crystal, and costs a small amount of anti-matter. It dramatically reduces the amount of damage incoming to a structure under enemy attack. When phased out, the structure cannot be repaired, use any abilities, or construct anything. The duration is short, and probably not worth the asking price. Consider this technology only if you are on the defensive.

Using Phasic BarrierEdit

The primary use of Phasic Barrier is to keep your structures alive for long enough for reinforcements to arrive. An opponent may choose to target the structures anyway, which takes quite a long time to destroy. If a more favorable target such as trade ships, combat vessels, or defense structures are available when a structure activates its barrier, any ship targeting that structure will automatically switch targets. Alternatively the opponent can ignore the structures, though this means they will continue to occupy slots should he colonize the planet.

Tactics against the Phasic BarrierEdit

The best way to eliminate a structure with a Phasic Barrier is to use an ability that affects anti-matter or abilities, such as the Interference ability of the Ravastra Skirmisher which increases cooldowns, or the Cobalt's Sabotage Reactor. Otherwise you may simply try to overwhelm the barrier with focus fire.

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