Pirate Pillager


Hull: 960
Armor: 4
Experience value: 15

The Pirate Pillager is the Pirate counterpart to the Krosov Siege Frigate of the TEC.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This is the pirate retrofitted Krosov. It also serves the same role as the Krosov, unsuprisingly, but it does have some differences: the Hull and Armor is double of that of the Krosov. However, the Pillager does not come equipped with shields.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Using the Pillager[edit | edit source]

The Pillager's "bomb"

Through whatever means that you get the Pillager, be it Pirate Mercenaries, Domination, or other abilities and research, the Pillager functions almost entirely the same as a Krosov, and it is best sent in when nearing the end of a battle to bombard a planet (Owned Pillagers also gain the Heavy Fallout ability if it has been researched).

Fighting the Pillager[edit | edit source]

...Unfortunately, the Pirates usually rush towards the target as soon as it exits phase space. Pillagers should be the first ships taken out when you're up against a pirate raid. However, when assaulting a pirate base they can be focused last as their damage is almost negligible against actual ships. The Pillager's only space-to-space weapon is a single heavy laser cannon, like its TEC counterpart.

Heavy Fallout
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