Point Blank is a two player map in Sins of a Solar Empire consisting of 1 star and 7 planets.

Official Description: This mercilessly small system leaves no room for error - the opposing faction is literally next door. Planning a decisive strike or securing some of the few neutral worlds are both viable options - which strategy is the enemy pursuing?

Tactics: Point Blank is the only official map provided where both homeworlds start adjacent to each other, allowing you to launch a direct assault without doing any colonization. Because of the highly aggressive nature of the map, it is advisable to ignore the ice planets and pursue a pure military approach. Point Blank is generally regarded to favor TEC since the Sova Carrier's Embargo Rush can very easily shut down the entire enemy economy.

There are two widely accepted ways to defeat a vicious AI on this map. The most simple is the Vasari starbase rush. Send a Skirantra Carrier into the gravity well and have it run circles to distract the enemy while you build your starbase. Ensure you kill the construction frigates immediately, otherwise they will usually build hangars. The second approach is to play as Advent or TEC and open with a 3-factory frigate push. The goal is to immediately send a carrier capital ship to destroy the enemy's construction frigates so they cannot build new structures, and then send in a constant stream of reinforcements to destroy their Frigate Factory so they cannot build new frigates. At this point, the AI's ridiculous resource cheat is meaningless since it can no longer actually build anything.

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