Ability User: Arcova Scout Frigate
Ability Type: Active
Target: Planet
Antimatter Cost: 0
Cooldown Time: 120
Duration: 600 -> 900
Range: 18000
  • Grants vision of the planet

Allows visibility of the affected target and anything it detects. Lasts for a long period of time. Extracted from the game.

'Probe' as a researched technology allows the Arcovas the Probe ability, and the second stage of the research adds another 5 minutes onto the duration of the ability. It is extremely useful for monitoring a planet you intend to conquer, or a planetary body where the enemy amasses their fleet before attacking your worlds, as a 'forewarning' of sorts.

Compared with the other two races' scouts, the Advent's Lingering Presence only lasts ten minutes and requires destruction of the seeker, and the Vasari's Jikara Navigator has no ability that matches it, instead relying on a more offensive tactic (Phasic Shielding) to defend the Jikara as it passes through an enemy Gravity Well, thus making Probe the game's 'ultimate' scouting ability.

Be careful when sending your Arcovas to well defended planets in hopes to use this ability - The range is not big enough to cover the required area of the gravity well to allow the scout to simply jump in, fire off the probe, and then jump out again, instead having to approach the planet in order to use this ability. If there is a large number of nearby frigates or strike craft within the well, your scout may become scrap metal before the probe is released.

a probe heading towards a planet

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