Sins of a Solar Empire
Ability User: Marza Dreadnought
Ability Type: Active
Target: Targets enemy capital ships, frigates and structures.
Antimatter Cost: 85
Cooldown Time: 12
Duration: 5 (actual duration 25 seconds, see below)
Range: 6000
  • Damage: 125 -> 250 -> 375 [125 -> 227 -> 329 -> 431]
  • Damage taken /sec: 7.0 -> 14 -> 21[7.0 -> 13 -> 18 -> 24]

A small nuclear explosion contaminates the target with radiation, causing it and nearby units to receive damage over time. Extracted from the game. Note: The damage is applied only to immediate target and the DoT is applied in the 1200 range splash.

The duration is misleadingly pulled from the buffRadiationBombDamage, which applies the 7/14/21 points of damage per sec for 5 seconds. However, this buff is proceed every 2.5 seconds with a range of 1200 by its parent buff buffRadiationBombSpread, which lasts 20 seconds on target. So the total possible duration of the DoT is 25 seconds, and will continue to spread to nearby targets during that duration. This damage is affected by shield mitigation and armor. This results in a total damage of 175/350/525 over 25 seconds.

To maximize this ability, do not autocast, instead, cast manually every 25 seconds. Additionally, do not kill the target of the radiation bomb itself quickly as this will end the buff before its timer runs out, thus ending the AoE prematurely. Only the ship initially targeted by the bomb (the one carrying BuffRadiationBombSpreader) actually "spreads" the radiation, i.e. damages the nearby ships; alas there is no indicator of this in the game after you fired the bomb (the glowing cloud visual effect disperses after only a couple of seconds), so you'll have to remember which ship you've targeted with the ability and not kill it before its 20-second AoE/"spread" timer runs out. Conversely, if you are on the receiving end of the Radiation Bomb, watch carefully which of your ships gets hit the by bomb itself and move it away from the rest of your ships to minimize AoE damage.

To maximize spread in a large group, alternate every 12 seconds between two targets distant from each other. Note that the radiation bomb does not stack with itself, so targeting two ships close together is a waste of antimatter.