Game Description: Increases the target's armor and current and maximum hullpoints for a brief period of time, or until the added hull points are depleted through damage.

Ship: Serevun Overseer
Research Cost: none (default ability)
Type: Active
Target: Friendly capital ships, frigates and structures, Single, Not self
Antimatter Cost: 75
Cooldown: 4
Range: 6000
Duration: 60
  • Hull Points Repaired: +250
  • Armor: +2
  • Max Hull Points: +200

Tactics[edit | edit source]

The healing effect of this ability is instant, meaning you can keep using the ability repeatedly on the same target to rapidly restore hull points. This allows the Serevun to potentially heal frigates, structures, and capital ships faster than any other unit in the game. However, the armor boost does not stack between multiple uses.

This ability can even be used on structures that are still under construction, boosting their hit points quickly. This is particularly useful when building the Orkulus Star Base, preventing the enemy from destroying it while it's still a vulnerable fledgling. This does not speed up the construction speed, it merely boosts the structure's hit points.

When enemy capital ships or starbases are escorted by Overseers, you'll need to make sure to disable them first otherwise you are unlikely to make much progress against the primary target. The Serevun must face its target in order to heal it, and as a result is very ineffective if it's trying to heal multiple targets around it rather than focusing on one.

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