This patch was released on June 12, 2012 and is only available for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.

"For those who are curious about what's changed from Beta 3 to release...."



  • Updated Wave particle cannon type on PhaseScout capital ship to better match the mesh.
  • Fixed bug that caused mesh ownership icons over fleet leaders to not render in some cases.
  • Updated Unyielding Will particle to not vanish part way through effect.


  • Starbases that can move are now considered combat ships for the purposes of selection.
  • Added missing strings for Occupation Victory/Loss for Vasari players.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause a Capital Victory to display as a Military Victory.


  • Fixed bug that was causing some combat checks in the autocast system to fail/pass erroneously.
  • Updated galaxy files to ensure that all maps have a path to the Artifact planet (for Occupation Victories).
  • Starbases should now be handled in formations properly.
  • Fixed crash bug in the race selection screen.
  • Fixed crash related to strike craft being improperly detached from their parent.
  • TEC Loyalists:
    • Fixed missing Titan severely damaged voice over.
    • Corrected research time/cost for Militia Armor tech.
    • Corrected research time/cost for Militia Weaponry tech.
  • TEC Rebel:
    • TEC Rebel players no longer have access to the Public Forgiveness tech.
    • Fixed missing Titan Lost sound effect event.
    • Corrected research time/cost for Savage Thrill tech.
  • Advent (All):
    • Hardened Cities tech moved from Civilian tech tree to Defense.
  • Advent Loyalists:
    • Increased conversion chance on Subjugating Assault ability from 4/6/8/10% to 5/8/11/15%.
    • Updated autocast on Subjugating Assault to only cast when AM is greater than 150 (was 200).
    • Corrected research time/cost for Mass Communion tech.
  • Advent Rebels:
    • Increased Unyielding Will duration to 240/240.
    • Corrected research time/cost for Recharge Shields tech.
    • Corrected research time/cost for Wail of the Sacrificed tech.
  • Vasari (All):
    • Fortification Specialists tech moved from the Civilian tech tree to Defense.
    • Fixed crash related to Vasari starbase Debris Vortex ability.
  • Vasari Rebels:
    • Starbase Mobilization tech moved to Tier 8.
    • Mobilized starbases can no longer jump to the same gravity well as another owned starbase.
    • Vasari players can no longer build a starbase if there is an incoming starbase.
    • Fixed crash related to spawning cargo ships while a starbase is in phase space.
    • Vasari Rebels no longer have access to the Enslaved Labor tech.
    • Corrected research time/cost for Shared Network tech.


  • Updated clipped OnGeneralOrderIssued voice over for TEC Loyalist titan.
  • Fixed missing Titan Lost sound effect event for TEC Rebels.
  • Fixed missing Titan Severely Damaged voice over for TEC Loyalists.
  • Updated clipped Vasari OnAllyOccupationPlanetVictory voice over.


  • Fixed all known desync causes.
  • Game will now verify sync state on autosave and notify players if the game is out of sync.


  • Added actual Sins: Rebellion manual PDF.
  • Fixed potential crashes in galaxy generator.
  • Fixed memory leak.


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